Flutter Multiple Images Picker for Web Application

If you are looking for uploading images for web applications then here is the best example. Images can be uploaded easily using the image picker and use that image in your application. Multiple images can also be selected. For this, just add a library and import it. Below the function has written for selecting the image directly from the file manager.

For using image picker for Web Application. Follow these easy steps:

Add Dependency in your package's pubspec.yaml file

image_picker_web: ^1.0.9

Install its Dependency

$ flutter pub get

Note: If you are working in an android studio then open pubspec.yaml file and click on get pub option.

Import Library in your working file

import 'package:image_picker_web/image_picker_web.dart';

After following these steps you can easily select images from File Manager in the computer, Mobile, or Table for Flutter Web Application.

For your best see this example, here is the code. You can also see more dependency on flutter official website for web application image picker.