Introduction to Flutter - Advantages & Disadvantages

Introduction To Flutter

Introducing Flutter

Flutter is a tech designed by Google and is recently launched. The flutter is an amazing tech and as mentioned on their website is a mobile SDK meant for designing high performance and high fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase.

First and foremost we need to talk about What Flutter actually is?
The first and foremost difference between flutter and other techs is that it doesn't uses any of the tech stack which is most popular on Internet like ReactNative uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

 As mentioned above Flutter is single codebase. Let's highlight this single codebase and this single codebase is going to produce iOS and android app. Not only iOS and android but also desktop application and web applications. They have comed up with their own language known as Dart. Here is the link from where you can learn this language

Dart In Flutter

What are the expectations from Flutter?

For tenderfoots, Dart(Flutter's programming language) is simple to memorize. It is appropriate even for entry-level designers. Furthermore, the app built on that system works beautiful easily. Your users ought to have a very great experience while using it. Final, but not atleast, we truly preferred  the development process. The framework is steady and the development is wonderful. Animations work easily and we might see the results of our development truly quick.

So, now the question arises What are the advantages of Flutter? Why we use Flutter?
Flutter speeds up the mobile app advancement process, decreases the cost of app production, and makes a difference your team to build a wonderful UI with smooth animations. Let's take see at it more profoundly.

Faster code writing

For developers, Flutter implies speedier and more dynamic mobile app development. We will make changes within the code and see them straight away within the app. This is often the so-called Hot Reload, which as a rule only takes (milli)seconds and help teams to add features, settle bugs, and explore quicker.

Less Testing

On the off chance that you have got the same app for two platforms, it implies less testing! Since of one codebase, the developer write programmed tests as it were once. What's more, the developers have less work to do, since they only one app to check. Of course, if your apps have a few differences, they ought to be tried on bot platforms.

One code for two platforms

Developers write just one codebase for two apps - covering both Android ans iOS platforms. Flutter doesn't depend on the platforms, since it has its own widgets and designs. This implies that you simply have the same app on two platforms. However what's important is that, in the event that you need to distinguish your apps - it's conceivable.

Designs which your user will adore

Flutter is outlined to create it simple to make your own widgets or customize the existing widgets. Here you'll be able to browse a catalog of Flutter's widgets and see, for illustration, Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets.

The similar app UI on more seasoned gadgets

Your new app will see the same, even on old versions of Android and iOS frameworks. There are no extra costs for supporting more seasoned gadgets. Flutter runs on Android Jelly Bean or more current, as well as iOS 8 or more up to date.

Some disadvantages

Every technology has its pros and cons. There are some drawbacks of Flutter as well. Firstly, In case you're used to working with strong typing or generics(like in Swift or Kotlin), the Dart language structure may require more work on your side. Besides, Flutter still contains a little community so ready-made libraries aren't as plenteous - you have got to work on your own solutions.

The Outcome

Best Flutter UI Designs

Flutter framework does a incredible work by giving an amazing framework to construct mobile applications in a genuinely platform independent way. By giving effortlessness within the development process, high execution within the resulting mobile application, rich and significant client interface for both Android and iOS platform. Flutter framework will doubtlessly enable a lot of new developers to develop high execution and feature-full mobile application within the close future.

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