Connect Firebase with Flutter : Introduction

Hi, In this web journal we are talking about Firebase, We moreover talk about all thing about Firebase like What is firebase, How to use Firebase in a flutter, Best applications utilizing firebase, etc. Let's begin now.

What is Firebase?

Firebase itself is a very huge Google tool. It'll talk to Flutter almost how we can use it and also backend work. We are making an application in a flutter, but we make only frontend applications, I mean UI (User interface). But the most thing is we too have to be backend bolster to run the application dynamically. Such as for storing and retrieving client information, and perform activities like delete, update, etc. for information.

For example, we show on Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have a parcel of users to connect. Users share numerous sorts of posts, and do comments and many more. They're each action store on database. Because ready to take activities with stored information.

The best tag line of firebase that "Firebase helps mobile teams succeed". Firebase is a Cloud tool, launch by Google. It provides many types of service. Best services like Database, Hosting, and Notifications, etc.

Why Use Firebase Database?

For collection data from clients or users then we need a database. Normally, we use the SQL database which we need to learn query for access data. Data save in the table using row and column. But in the firebase data store in an Array format. It stores data in a very easy way. It takes no time in accessing information as the server responses very fast. We can use Firebase in Web Application, Mobile applications.

firebase data format

Best Feature in Firebase Database

  • Supporting in Android, iOS, and Web application
  • No Data Crash
  • Accessing Very fast and smooth
  • The response is very quick
  • No SQL database is required.
  • Run mobile backend code without managing servers
  • Store and sync app data in milliseconds

Firebase use with flutter

We learn How to use Firebase with Flutter in this blog one by one post. We also share examples of firebase. Flutter and Firebase both are launched by Google. We work in Dart and create an application and store date on the firebase database. But to begin with, we ought to know How to setup Firebase for Flutter Application in our next article.

I trust this article will supportive of understanding of firebase. If you have got any confusion, please inquire in the comment segment, we will allow response as well as soon.
Thank you!

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